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Apologies for lack of communication via this channel! I am writing a blog right now from my hospital bed so I haven’t forgotten about all the lovely people who routinely check my WordPress for updates.

I have however just sent out via WordPress, a lovely article I wrote for about telling your children you have stage 4 cancer – please do have a read if you haven’t before hand.

As many of you will know, I’ve been updating my journey more regulary through my other lines of communication. This post is just a little plea to get you hooked into one of these other channels if you haven’t done so already! I will still be updating my blog, however for mini updates and day to day stuff do check out some of my other areas! let me outline the options below!

Things Cancer made me say!

Have you hooked up with my weekly column in the Sun online yet? I even have my own cartoon character! Yes that is my arse out below! It’s published on Thursday each week, and I often push it out via my Facebook and twitter. However you can find me under the opinion section in news online here!


Do Have a look at my current columns here:  This is an amazing platform to raise awareness of ‘living’ with stage 4 Bowel cancer, and I do like having a rant over the lack of educational funding, or how much I love Piers Morgan! (Always knew my taste was eclectic!).

Facebook Community:


Have you joined the ‘Bowelbabe’ Facebook community yet? This new community sends out daily updates on a variety of areas including, Bowel cancer awareness, my weekly Sun column and just some of the cheeky stuff I’m getting to up to whilst ‘living it up with stage 4 bowel cancer!’ Do click here to come join!



We all like a good pic! I certainly haven’t cracked the photography side yet, but thanks to my desire to ensure I’m living it up to the max whilst I still can, there will always be one or 2 things for your amusement on my @Bowelbabe Instagram account! Do please come and follow!



Tweet Tweet! Anyone there?! Even Piers Morgan retweeted me the other day, but Gary Linker wouldn’t bite!! Come follow @Bowelbabe –


Watch this space! Over the next month, my WordPress blog site will be having a facelift courtesy of lovely web company Dino Media. It will become where you will find a one stop shop for everything Bowelbabe related! Can’t wait to share it with you!

Just Giving:


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Due to the incredible effort of the Bowelbabe runners who undertook the London 10 mile recently and all those who have donated to a variety of events including bake sales, Cinema mornings and clothes sales – Team Bowelbabe have raised a staggering £14,800 to date for Bowel Cancer UK.

Fancy joining our next challenge? We have a team running in the Royal Parks Half Marathon – Click HERE to sign up through Bowel Cancer UK.

To donate to our Fund either click onto  or Text POOH90 £10 (or any amount) to 70070

A massive thank you for your continued support – I really wouldn’t be so positive or being able to get through this without your help. xx


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